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The Rutgers Urban Forestry Outreach Program works with several other organizations throughout New Jersey and the northeast.

Our goal is to connect the personnel and programs at Rutgers to the Center for Resilient Landscapes, the NJ Urban & Community Forestry Program, and the community of consultants and shade tree program volunteers in New Jersey.

It is our hope that by helping to build contacts and connections, the information and tools developed through these programs will be better and more fully utilized in the management of local shade tree resources.

As part of our ongoing outreach effort, we’ve created the following infographics that address some common issues and topics in urban forestry. Please feel free to share these widely!

More are coming soon.  If you have any forestry related topics you’d like us to address, feel free to let us know!

Mulching Trees Air Quality – Trees Heat & Drought Stress Watering Trees

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