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Dawn Redwood Stand Thinned


This past weekend, local tree care professionals came together to volunteer their time and expertise to successfully thin the dawn redwood stand on Rutgers Hort Farm 3.  This thinning was planned to continue Dr. John Kuser’s project design, in which he hoped to provide material to allow the study of this species’ genetics and growth.

The trees were planted in 1992, as a dense stand.  To ensure the health of the trees, it was time to thin them.  The trees were marked for removal, and then the tree care professionals took over.  They carefully removed the marked trees.   Several of the logs were set aside and will be milled by the Rutgers Forestry program.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the individuals who donated their time to complete this work and make this project possible.  You did a fantastic job, thank you!


The stand after thinning
A dense stand of redwood trees with a thick green canopy
The stand before thinning

a forestry crew carrying logs and chipping them with machinery

a slice of dawn redwood trunk with many rings and red colored wood
A beautiful slice of a dawn redwood trunk
tree trunks marked with logging tape for thinning
Trees marked for thinning

a pile of large, fresh cut redwood logs

a tree care professional smiling in a bucket of a truck

group of people standing in a field smiling at the camera
Thank you to a great crew!