Outreach Program

The Rutgers Urban Forestry Outreach Program works with several other organizations throughout New Jersey and the northeast. Our goal is to connect the personnel and programs at Rutgers to the Center for Resilient Landscapes, the NJ Urban & Community Forestry Program, and the community of consultants and shade tree program volunteers in New Jersey. It is our hope that by helping to build contacts and connections, the information and tools developed through these programs will be better and more fully utilized in the management of local shade tree resources.

Industry Partners

We maintain contacts with professional organizations representing Urban Forestry and Arboricultural industry in New Jersey in order to better promote the industry to our students, and to help match students in the Urban Forestry Major Option and Urban Forestry Certificate programs with internship opportunities and work placement.

For a list of internships, job opportunities, and scholarships, see the Academic Program Menu.

For information about the professional organizations that represent Arboriculture and Urban Forestry in New Jersey, see the links below:

NJEAB Task Force

We are a partner organization with the NJ EAB Task Force, an interdisciplinary team comprised of representatives from the NJ Department of Agriculture, NJ State Forest Service, USDA APHIS, Rutgers University, and the US Forest Service. The Task Force works to collaborate on EAB management decisions and advice, and to consolidate and disburse information and resources relevant to EAB in New Jersey.


NJ Project Learning Tree

NJ Project Learning Tree

Government Partners

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